On June 1, 2020, AIP President Al Gage and Selection Committee Chairman Glen Hall put out a “Call for Authors,” noting that AIP was “seeking to build an authorship team in order to publish a second edition of The American Institute of Parliamentarians Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure (AIPSC), its signature publication and parliamentary authority.” The following skills were being sought:

  • Technical writing
  • Research ability
  • Creative/ innovative thinking
  • Copy editing
  • Voicing a manuscript
  • Parliamentary knowledge
  • Practice experience
  • Project management
  • Public perspective/end-user

Thirty-seven individuals submitted a response to this call – and of those, ten were nominated for the Authorship Team by the Selection Committee. Those nominees were considered at the Pre-Annual Session Board of Directors meeting on July 29 and were confirmed. Those nominated by the Selection Committee and appointed by the Board include:

  • Kay Allison Crews, CPP, PRP, Project Coordinator
  • Lucy Hicks Anderson, Esq., CP, PRP
  • C.J. Cavin, Esq., CP, PRP
  • Al Gage, CPP, PRP, PAP
  • Barry Glazer, MD, CPP-T
  • Glen Hall, DDS, CP-T, PRP
  • Atul Kapur, MD, CPP, PRP
  • Michael Malamut, JD, CPP-T, PRP
  • Eli Mina, CPP-T, PRP
  • Shannon Sun, CPP-T, PRP

This is a varied group – covering different professions, types of parliamentary practice, geographic areas, ages, prior authorship experience, and credentials. As Project Coordinator, I am eager for us to begin our work – but that work will not be just the purview of the ten on the Authorship Team. We have reached out to those with particular knowledge for their help, including those who made drafting the current version of the AIP Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure a successful project.

Work is underway to establish a webpage which will solicit feedback from those who use AIPSC, and from those who don’t. Once that page is established, look for your opportunity to provide feedback on this important project. Other opportunities for feedback are also being considered.

The Team is busy “studying” right now – obtaining and reviewing previous copies of The Standard Code, reviewing articles from back-issues of the Parliamentary Journal, and re-reading the current edition of AIPSC. We’ll work to provide updates on our progress in future issues of the Communicator!