Atul Kapur, MD, MSc, CPP, PRP had to teach himself parliamentary procedure to defend his rights during Student Council meetings as an undergraduate. That knowledge assisted him in his various roles as a director and/or presiding officer of charities, local government boards, provincial and federal medical associations, and the provincial and federal branches of a major political party. He is a graduate of the Governance Essentials Program for Not-For-Profit Organizations from the Institute of Corporate Directors.

He joined AIP in 2015, where he earned the top credential of Certified Professional Parliamentarian and currently serves on the Executive Committee as Secretary. As a member of AIP’s Opinions Committee, Atul advises members in complex and unclear situations. He holds the NAP’s top credential (Professional Registered Parliamentarian) and serves on its Bylaws Committee.

Atul serves a variety of clients throughout North America as a professional parliamentarian, teaches workshops on parliamentary procedure, trains chairs and boards, and continues to practice as an emergency physician in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.